Institute Fee

a)  Admission Fees  Rs. 100.00 
b)  Tuition Fees  Rs. 720.00 (@ Rs. 60 per month or 360 per term) 
c)   Library Fees  Rs. 60.00
d)   Identity Card Fees  Rs. 10.00
e)   Terminal Exam Fees  Rs. 50.00
f)   Book Bank Membership Fees  Rs. 10.00
g)   Magazine Fees   Rs. 50.00
h)   Game, Sports & Student Week Fees  Rs. 50.00
i)   Student Union Fees   Rs. 100.00
j)   Caution Money for the Course (Refundable)  Rs. 100.00
k)   Book Bank Caution Money (Refundable)  Rs. 250.00
   Total  Rs. 1500.00 


*Tuition fees indicated will be increased by 10% every year w.e.f. the academic session 2007-2008.